Abhijeet Bhujbal

"Abhijeet Bhujbal, originally from the city of Nashik in India, relocated to Regina in 2019 with his wife, and they have since embraced Regina as their new home. His artistic journey is inspired by his father, who used to sketch on Sundays. Even though his father never explicitly encouraged him to draw, Abhijeet found motivation simply by observing his father's sketches, highlighting the old saying, "Actions speak louder than words."

Abhijeet pursued an MBA in International Business and spent approximately 12 years working in various sales roles across different industries. During this time, his passion for sketching took a back seat. However, his wife's encouragement reignited his interest in art, and he hasn't looked back since.

Abhijeet is a self-taught graphite pencil artist who specializes in drawing portraits of humans, dogs, cats, and animals. He firmly believes in the power of motivation to start a journey, but it's consistent discipline that fuels growth. Abhijeet is deeply grateful for the gift of artistic talent bestowed upon him and aims to use this gift to create enduring memories."


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