Rob Klein

Born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan. Had an interest in art from a very early age. Was voted to student council of Martin Collegiate as the Media Representative, responsibilities included school activities poster production; completing a large graphics on the gym walls; and a commission to do cover art for a Saskatchewan Federation Wildlife brochure.
With the production of an India ink poster, was the Saskatchewan winner of the Canadian segment of the United Nations UNESCO Art Contest and received a two-week trip to three European cities to visit and study art and historical venues.
In the 1980's a career was developed using CADD to create structural engineering drawings. An interest in Computer Graphics lead to opening of “Liquid Light 3D Graphics Inc.” a company that created architectural renderings. Since the sale of the company in 2014, to date, currently employed at Walker Project, where tasks include structural drawings and completion of numerous 3D architectural renderings for the company.
Has interests in Pen and Ink drawing, Photo Silk-screening and Stained Glass but is now branching into Digital Artwork based on his experience in years of 3D modeling and rendering of Architectural projects.
Joined the Regina Federation of Artists in the spring of 2019.


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