Ken Bullock

Ken grew up in a rural community near the town of Wallaceburg, in south western Ontario. He first displayed some artistic talent as a small child and with the encouragement of his parents continued to develop his art skills. During high school, Ken enjoyed the tutoring of a dedicated art teacher and won the school's art award, in grade 10. Ken was undecided between a career as an artist or as a "Mountie". His father, always the pragmatist, set Ken straight on the matter and he joined R.C.M.P. In 1965.
Ken's basic training was in Regina and he enjoyed a 35 year career ending back in Regina, in 2001. Ken now lives in Pilot Butte.
Ken wanted to draw and paint on retirement and having experience on computers, he decided to try digital art. Ken obtained a suite of graphics applications and taught himself in their use. A personal style began to emerge and he now works in a totally digital environment.
Ken draws and paints on a digitizing tablet - a process that took him awhile to get used to but which is now as natural as drawing and painting on paper or canvas. Ken's paintings are turned to "hard copy" by means of an ink jet printer.
Ken has always enjoyed drawing horses and he considers himself an amateur historian. He paints a variety of subjects but his subject of choice are historic incidents involving the N.W.M.P. Ken researches the events and when possible, attends the site to obtain sketches and photographs. This gives him a good sense of presence and stimulates his imagination. Ken strives to illustrate the events, people and places as accurately as possible.


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